About Us

We are a team of helpers, dedicated to providing quality written work the FIRST time. We educate ourselves on the latest trends and practices in copywriting, design and social sharing to guarantee that we deliver products that will amp up your marketing efforts and deliver the results you desire to achieve.

Jen Miller

Jen Miller – Founder

Jen Miller believes in the value and power of the written word in sharing truth and story, in life and in business. Combining her journalism background with a passion for customer service and marketing, Jen built NeedSomeoneToBlog.com, a blogging service focused on delivering original, quality website content to business owners. As the business grew, Jen discovered areas that could further develop authority, garner trust, and build engagement for her clients online, resulting in BestBookWriter.com and MyResumeSecret.com. With NeedSomeoneTo.com, Jen seeks to combine services in one-website, making it easier for companies to share engaging messages of community and industry knowledge with their followers.

Rachel Anderson

Rachel – Managing Editor

Rachel brings advanced degrees in English and Philosophy to our writing team. An expert in comma placement, word usage and proper keyword placement, she ensures that our writers contribute original, quality blog posts on a timely basis. Rachel keeps all of our Ps and Qs in order, rewriting phrases and choosing quality stock images for each post, producing consistent, well-researched blog posts for our clients. Rachel also writes plenty of posts and is a natural at statistical analysis reporting.

Ciri bw

Ciri – Social Media Maven

Ciri is our own encyclopedia of knowledge. Adept at research and in-tune with online social sharing practices, Ciri brings a bit of irreverence to our team, with her ability to tell it how it really is. She graduated (Magna Cum Laude) in from California State University, Fullerton with a Degree in Child and Adolescent Development and a Minor in Human Services. A Serious book nerd and lover of writing and words, Ciri is also obsessed with bad TV, photography, and tie dye, adding color, style and humor to the social posts she creates.

Carrie B., Website Specialist

Carrie – Ghostwriter

Carrie wrote her first book as a teen and continues to write, assisting in book production and composition and website content. A graduate in Communications from California State University, Fullerton, Carrie understands the value of writing with integrity and exactness. An expert in research, she enjoys learning all she can about an industry or locality prior to blogging on the topic. Carrie is particularly gifted at writing about events, history and products.

Marie M.

Marie – Ghostwriter

Marie defines professionalism as a blogger, producing well-composed, timely posts on a weekly basis. She specializes in community events, particularly those found on the west coast.

Jennifer B

Jennifer – Ghostwriter

Jennifer has been writing for us since 2012 though she maintained a personal blog, long before that, which taught her the value of website content. Married 19 years, with two teen sons, both on the autistic spectrum, Jennifer lives an interesting life and contributes a unique perspective to our staff. A homeschooler who combines outside therapies in the education of her sons, she appreciates the ability to write around their needs and schedules. Jennifer also lives with two beloved cats, and a mutt-dog who is all heart (with very little brain) in Oregon. When she’s not writing for NeedSomeoneToBlog.com, Jennifer can sometimes be found writing for her private blog, or curled up with a book or some knitting (for a prayer shawl ministry or my Etsy shop) — preferably with a cat nearby. A couple of evenings a week she takes classes to become an LMT, and she has a passion for hot cocoa (and all forms of chocolate!), as well as the smell and sound of rain, and the beauty of autumn… Jennifer’s intense love of the holiday season drives some people crazy (as she tends to listen to Christmas music throughout the year).

Wrigley, Website Builder

Wrigley – Designer/Developer

Wrigley started as a blogger at NeedSomeoneToBlog.com and quickly developed a love for coding, html and WordPress website development. Speedy and thorough, she is always seeking ways to improve process and systems. Wrigley is studying graphic design as an undergraduate at Brigham Young University and designs many of our website elements and book covers, as well.


Morgan, Website Builder

Morgan enjoys building out website pages and mapping coordinates with code almost as much as he loves singing our jingle. Having recently taken an active interest in developing our video and visual marketing content, you’ll definitely be seeing more of Morgan at Need Someone To…

Will bw

William – Website Builder

William is our legendary gamer and coder, pulling together website pages in a flash.